4 Best Nanit Baby Monitors

Today we look at the top best Nanit baby monitor on the market. Nanit baby monitors have emerged as the top picks for parents in search of pro-monitoring capabilities and peace of mind. They are designed with cutting-edge technology and security innovative features enabling Nanit monitors to provide a secure and comprehensive monitoring experience to both parents and babies.

The Nanit monitors offer an array of exceptional functions such as real-time motion and sound alerts, high-definition video streaming, and sleep tracking and analyzing. Whether you’re a first-time parent or an experienced one anticipating enhancing your existing monitoring system, Nanit baby monitors are your to-go option. You’ll enjoy ultimate convenience, reliability, and top-level performance.

The guide below will explore the exceptional features that make Nanit baby monitors stand out from the rest and analyze the top best Nanit baby monitors in the market today to help you settle for the right one. Read on to gain sufficient insight and make an informed decision to take the security of your babies a notch higher:

Top Best Nanit Baby Monitors 

Are you struggling to find the perfect monitor that is convenient and reliable but at the same time ensures optimum safety for your baby? Worry not, we have evaluated and reviewed the top best Nanit baby monitors in the market today.

When it comes to a high-quality baby monitor, Nanit Pro is your go-to option. It offers cutting-edge capabilities to help you maintain a close check on your little ones. The monitor has high-quality audio and video features, digital zoom capabilities, and night vision- boasting a high resolution together with an extensive field of view, helping you monitor a wider section of your baby’s nursery.

With Nanit Pro comes comfort and convenience as you can monitor your baby from anywhere using your device of choice. The monitor is compatible with various smart home devices including iOS, android, smart watches, Amazon Fire TV, Ring Video Doorbell, IFTTT, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

The Nanit Pro baby monitor comes with extra features to help you monitor your bundle of joy with ease. Some of these accessories are sleep tracking systems and breathing motion sensors which vary from one Nanit Pro to the other. Below are the best Nanit Pro monitors alongside their unique features:

1. Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Floor Stand

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Floor Stand

The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Floor Stand delivers a high-quality view of your baby’s sleep space, allowing you to monitor them from anywhere. This model offers 1free year of personalized sleep analytics.

You can securely and safely add users, share your child’s moments, and control who sees what using the Nanit Pro Smart monitor. It uses 256-bit AES encryption to secure your data and personal details. Lastly, this monitor is easy to install, on a floor stand or an ASTM-certified wall mount.


  • 1080p HD video
  • Real-time motion and sound alerts
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • 2-way and background audio
  • Split screen
  • Breathing wear
  • Compatible with Kindle Fire, Echo Show devices, iOS and Android


  • High-quality video and audio streaming
  • Monitors baby’s temperature and breathing
  • Easy to install and use


  • Have to pay for premium sleep analytics

2. Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Wall Mount

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Wall Mount

The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount, helps you monitor your baby from anywhere. It has a split screen feature allowing you to view two different cameras on a single screen. Not forgetting that it deliver high-quality videos and audio to monitor everything around your little one.

The uniqueness of this monitor is its wall mount which is ASTM-certified to ensure safe cord covering. Besides its installation is very easy as it’s built-in level. You do not have to ask for professional help installing your smart monitor, you can easily do it by yourself.


  • Wi-Fi HD Video Camera
  • Sleep Coach and Breathing Motion Tracker
  • 2-Way Audio, Sound, and Motion Alerts
  • Nightlight and Night Vision
  • Smart sensor-free Breathing Band
  • Wall mount


  • Has a wide range of monitoring
  • High video and audio quality
  • Easy to install


  • Can only be used with protected Wi-Fi

3. Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System

Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System

Nanit Pro’s complete monitor system comes with additional features that take your monitoring experience a notch higher. Besides displaying high-quality audio and video streams, the monitor comes with smart sheets and breathing wear bands that help in tracking your baby’s height, sleep, and breathing motion. You don’t have to worry about anything regarding your kid, the monitor helps you keep track of everything. The monitor utilizes sensor-free breathing monitoring to detect the breathing motion of your baby in any sleep position.

The monitor has a cutting-edge camera that uses computer vision technology to allow you to view the baby from anywhere with optimum clarity. Further, the Nanit Pro complete monitor system has a flex stand that comes with an Alert Zone. It helps you detect when your baby is approaching an off-limit space- it triggers an alert to your smartphone or device.


  • Wi-Fi HD video camera with nightlight and night vision
  • Multi-stand
  • Smart Sheets and Breathing Wear Band
  • Alert zone feature
  • Ultimate portability with the Flex Stand -delivers a 130° view
  • Sleep monitor system


  • Has an alert zone to protect the baby from accessing danger zones
  • Optimum clarity of videos
  • Monitors baby’s breathing, height, and sleep
  • Delivers a wide angle of view around the baby

4. Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Flex Stand

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Flex Stand

If you’re looking for a high-quality and reliable travel baby monitor, Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Flex Stand has you covered. It helps you keep your baby safe even when traveling. If you have the monitor mounted in the baby’s nursery, all you need to do is snap the camera from the wall mount or the floor stand and fix it on the multi-stand. This way you can move around with it easily.

The Nanit Flex monitor has a nanny cam mode that allows us to use the camera in other areas other than the crib. You can comfortably keep an eye on your bay whenever they are all day long. If you wondering whether you have to adjust network settings every time you move to a different location, then no. The monitor can remember the last 10 Wi-Fi networks you connected to earlier.


  • 1080p Secure Wi-Fi Video Camera
  • Sensor-Free Sleep & Breathing Motion Tracker
  • 2-Way Audio, Sound & Motion Alerts
  • Night Vision, and Breathing Band
  • Temperature and humidity monitor


  • Easy to move around with – you travel safely with your baby
  • Easy to install and unmount
  • High-quality video and audio streaming

Features That Make the Best Nanit Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are a must-have gear for both new and experienced parents. They not only help you keep an eye on your child from a different room but also enable you to monitor the safety of your kid when you’re away from home. You also get to analyze your baby’s sleep patterns and monitor temperature changes in your kid’s room.

To avail optimum security and safety to your kids, you must select the best baby monitor. With so many varieties of monitors with diverse features, it might be confusing to settle for one. But with the best Nanit baby monitor you can never go wrong; here are the key features that make Nanit baby monitors your number one choice:

High-Quality Video and Audio

A monitor with high-quality video and audio features, allows you to hear and see your baby’s every movement. To track even the micro details, Nanit baby monitors have high-level resolution and video quality. The minimum resolution for their systems is 1080p, this provides a crystal-clear video of your child.

If you’re looking for a security system that will deliver crystal clear videos and audio, consider Nanit baby monitors. They offer high-definition video quality with clear night and day vision capabilities. These monitors also provide excellent audio quality that enables you to hear every sound your little one makes.

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

The temperature in your baby’s room influences their sleep quality; a degree of hot or cold leaves them restless. With the best Nanit baby monitor you can easily track and regulate the temperatures and humidity in the nursery.

Nanit monitors have humidity and temperature sensors built-in within their cameras. This helps you view the temperature status from your preferred smartphone or the monitor’s parent unit. You do not have to worry about the safety and comfort of your baby with a Nanit baby monitor.

Real-Time Monitoring

A reliable baby monitor allows you to access your baby and track every occurrence in the nursery in real time. The Nanit baby monitor provides you with real-time video and audio streaming to your smart devices. This allows you to monitor your bundle of joy from anywhere, giving your peace of mind.

Two-Way Communication

The two-way communication feature allows you to talk to your kid remotely via the monitor. It gives you the convenience of comforting and lulling them to sleep without being physically in their room.

Nanit baby monitor has a two-way intercom audio feature with a range of over 1400m. With the monitor, you get to sing lullabies and communicate with your little one while in the comfort of your space. You don’t have to run across rooms to soothe your baby to sleep, the best Nanit baby monitor supports remote interaction with your baby.

Night Vision

A night vision feature helps you to continue monitoring your baby even when the lights are off. This makes sure you don’t have to have the lights on in the nursery when your kid is asleep.

Nanit baby monitors have a color night vision feature that gives you quality visual details at night. You get to track even the tiny movements made by the baby through the night with ease and convenience. Unlike other monitors, Nanit offers crystal clear night vision video streaming both during the day and at night.

Sleep Tracking and Analytics

Nanit baby monitors stand out from other monitors due to their ability to track babies’ sleep. The monitor displays your baby’s sleep data including when they sleep, wake, how long they nap, and how fast they fall asleep. This helps you understand your baby’s sleep patterns, making it easy to establish a realistic sleeping routine.

FAQS on the Best Nanit Baby Monitor

How does the Nanit baby monitor work?

The Nanit baby monitor has a camera that is placed next to your little one’s crib, to capture audio and video. You need Wi-Fi connectivity to connect your smartphone or other smart devices to the monitor. The Nanit monitor has a Nanit app that you use to access live streams from your baby’s room, receive notifications, and even view the baby’s sleep analytics.

What features make the best Nanit baby monitor?

The best Nanit baby monitor offers an array of advanced security and safety features. They include:

  • Live streaming of audio and video to your tablet or smartphone
  • Two-way audio communication, helping you to remotely talk to your baby
  • Humidity and temperature monitoring
  • Sleep tracking and analysis to monitor your kid’s sleep patterns
  • Night vision, to monitor the baby in low-light settings
  • Background audio mode- you can listen to the baby when the app is running in the background

Is the Nanit baby monitor safe and secure?

Yes, the Nanit baby monitor is 100% secure. Nanit takes the privacy and security of all its users seriously. The monitor utilizes encryption to safeguard data transmission and user information to third parties.

Nanit has taken safety precautions against potential hackers. They have secured Nanit monitoring systems, the IT infrastructure for Nanit monitors uses AWS cloud computing, making sure that all servers are protected by top-notch digital and physical security measures. On top of that, the Nanit app requests a two-factor authentication to bar unauthorized access.

Can I have remote access to the Nanit baby monitor?

Yes, you can comfortably access the Nanit baby monitor remotely via the Nanit app on your smart devices such as tablets. The key requirement is an active internet connection, to help you link your device to the monitor.

The Nanit app is available for Kindle Fire, iPad, and Android tablets. It works perfectly well with the android and the iOS devices. To identify the best tablet for Nanit go for one that supports, iOS 14+ and Android 8+ with Bluetooth Low Energy.

How much does the Nanit baby monitor cost?

The cost of a Nanit monitor varies depending on the model and any additional accessories or features. Monitors with more advanced features are more costly compared to those with less. However, depending on your budget and accessories preference, you can purchase a good monitor.

Can I utilize multiple Nanit cameras in different rooms?

Yes, Nanit offers the option of utilizing multiple cameras for monitoring different rooms. This is very useful when you have more than one baby or desire to monitor all the rooms in your room. The additional cameras come as additional accessories which you may e sold separately.

How safe are the Nanit breathing bands?

The breathing bands are 100% safe. All Nanit Pro monitors use a smart sensor-free breathing band that works with a pro camera. This camera detects the breathing motion of your baby in any sleep position without using sensors. The monitor tracks your kid’s breaths per minute and then sends real-time motion and sound alerts via the app to your smart device.

Final Thoughts

Nanit Pro baby monitor is the ultimate guardian angel in your baby’s nursery. The monitors have been developed with cutting-edge technology and advanced innovative capabilities making them highly reliable. These together with its baby-specific and user-friendly features, Nanit allows you to monitor your little one with unparalleled efficiency and clarity. This gives you peace of mind and a sense of reassurance as your run your daily errands.

Nanit Pro should be your top choice if you’re seeking the best solution to guarantee optimum baby’s well-being and safety. These baby monitors have seamless integration of real-time monitoring capabilities, high-definition video and audio output, sleep-tracking abilities, and compatibility with mobile applications.

There are a variety of Nanit Pro baby monitors each with different features and designs. All you need is to select one that matches your preferences and ensures optimum safety and security for your baby. Choosing the best Nanit baby monitor helps you rest assured that your precious baby is in safe hands, even when you’re away from home.