Best Baby Monitor for Seizures

When it comes to finding a baby monitor for keeping a watchful eye on the little one and monitoring seizures, you need to do your homework thoroughly. There are a lot of seizure monitors available out there and, in our article today, we delve into the best baby monitor for seizures.

Most of the baby monitors for seizures available on the market today are based on movement. Whenever unusual movements are detected, they send an alarm to the parent unit instantly. Once you see the alert, you can respond swiftly and give the best care to the baby.

When buying a baby monitor for seizures, consider factors like motion tracking, vital sight monitoring, signal range, and video/audio quality. After going through a variety of seizure monitors available on the market, we have put together a comprehensive roundup of models ideal for babies.

These monitors are not just ideal for monitoring seizures, but also good for keeping an eye and ear on the little one as you carry out your everyday duties. They are simple to set up, reliable, and most importantly simple to use.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right in:

Best Baby Monitors for Seizures

Here is a compilation of the best bay monitors for seizure detection to keep your baby safe and you at ease:

1. Sense-U Smart Baby Abdominal Movement Monitor

Sense-U Smart Baby Abdominal Movement Monitor

Sense-U Smart Baby Abdominal Movement Monitor marks our first pick for the best baby monitor for seizures. It is equipped with a comprehensive set of highly advanced features that every parent requires to monitor a baby with seizures.

This monitor has multiple alerts including abdominal, rollover, and overheating alerts. These alerts come in handy when it comes to detecting unusual movements of the baby. Besides, the ability to send these alerts in real-time guarantees real-time updates on baby safety, anywhere at any time.

Moreover, this monitor is made with comfort in mind. It is worn on the baby’s diaper or sleepwear and tracks the abdominal movements without causing any discomfort. Even better, it is very easy to attach and remove from the baby’s clothes.

All these features plus the smartphone compatibility make the Sense-U Smart Baby Abdominal Movement Monitor a valuable addition to every parent raising a baby with seizures.


  • Seamless account sharing
  • Personalized app
  • Abdominal, rollover, and overheating alerts
  • Proper wear guide
  • Safe technology
  • Sleep insights


  • Compact and portable
  • Great value for money
  • Decent battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Giftable


  • Poorly designed app

2. Owlet Dream Sock – Smart Baby Monitor

Owlet Dream Sock - Smart Baby Monitor

Owlet Dream Sock – Smart Baby Monitor incorporates a multitude of highly advanced features and sophisticated technology to make parenting easy and enjoyable. It tracks the baby’s sleep trends for better sleep and monitors every single movement the baby makes while sleeping.

The dream sock included is designed with baby comfort in mind. It wraps snugly around the ‘s baby’s foot to track the sleep trend and sleep quality. The sock is made from a stretchable fabric and it fits all babies within the age of 0 to 18 months.

Furthermore, the Dream App connects to the Dream Sock easily so you can track and understand the movements and sleep patterns of the baby. Here you can also receive personalized support for the little one to enhance overall comfort and safety.

Lastly, this smart baby monitor has sleep quality indicators derived from the baby’s overall heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep movement. You can easily tell when you baby has not had quality sleep.


  • Personalized sleep program
  • Stretching fabric Dream Sock
  • Sleep quality indicator
  • Sound and motion notifications
  • 4x zoom
  • Wireless charging base station


  • Efficient sleep tracking
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Reliable connectivity


  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Poorly organized app

3. Babysense Under Mattress Baby Monitor

Babysense Under Mattress Baby Monitor

The third on our list of the best baby monitor for seizures is Babysense Under Mattress Baby Monitor. This is a non-contact and non-wearable baby monitor that you place under the baby’s mattress.

The monitor is designed with sophisticated technology for maximum monitoring accuracy. It has a two-pad system that grows with your baby and both pads extend once your baby starts to crawl.

Furthermore, this under-mattress baby monitor is very easy to use. It has a single-button activation for ease of activation. On top of that, its setup includes hidden connecting wires that eliminate the risk of entanglement. This makes setup a breeze even for first-time buyers.

Another impressive thing about the Babysense Under Mattress Baby Monitor is its portability. The snap-and-go mounting system together with the simple set up makes it very easy to take when you are traveling or going on holiday.


  • Two highly sensitive sensor pad covers
  • Hackproof monitor
  • Auditory and visual alarm
  • Radiation free
  • Improved sensitivity concept
  • Full bed coverage


  • Easy setup
  • Suitable for all babies up to 1 year
  • Good battery life
  • Portable and travel-friendly


  • Too sensitive

4. Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor and 3-Stand Set

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor and 3-Stand Set

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor is the best AI baby monitor to keep an eye on a baby’s safety from 0-5+ years. Besides showing you the comfort and safety of the baby, this monitor has motion and rollover detection which is essential for monitoring seizures in babies.

This baby monitor is smartphone compatible. It supports up to 8 concurrent logins so every member of your family can watch over the baby. Furthermore, the Wi-Fi connection makes it easy to pair with several smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Thanks to its secure encryption, this baby monitor is not prone to hacking. This guarantees unrivaled privacy and safety for your data and family members. Other than that, this monitor has sleep analytics to check the overall sleep health of the baby and easy-to-navigate stats for extra convenience.

To crown it all,  this baby monitor comes with a 3-stand set for easy mobility around the home and convenient carrying when you are traveling. Cubo AI Plus helps you keep the baby safe both at home and while on the move.


  • CTIA-certified safety
  • Smart home compatible
  • Covered face detection
  • Rollover detection
  • Danger zone detection
  • Sleep analytics


  • Easy-to-navigate stats
  • Value for money
  • Mobile and travel-friendly
  • Excellent night vision


  • No room temperature monitor

Coping Strategies for Parents of Babies with Seizures

Taking care of a baby with seizures can be taxing both emotionally and physically. Here are some of the coping mechanisms you can employ for smooth parenting:

1. Document Seizures

The first recommendation is keeping a record of your baby’s seizures using the best baby monitor for seizures. With these recordings, you can seek help from medical professionals and understand important things like frequency, duration, and patterns of seizures.

2. Educate Yourself

Learning about your kid’s seizure patterns, frequency, and duration, keeps you informed. You’re in a better position to anticipate a seizure and design strategies to ensure the safety of your baby. This keeps you in control and reduces panic attacks.

3. Create a Routine

Consider establishing a consistent routine for both you and your baby in terms of things like sleeping, playing, and feeding time. This will go a long way to bring a sense of stability to both you and your little one. A predictable schedule also helps you manage your daily tasks more efficiently.

4. Build Your Support Network

It is important to surround yourself with a positive ground of people including family members. The support you receive either emotionally or economically is very essential to living a happy life.

5. Accept Help

Last but not least, don’t be hesitant to ask and accept help from family and friends. Anyone who volunteers to babysit or lend a hand with the house chores will not just lighten your load, but also offer you some emotional help.

How to Choose the Best Baby Monitor for Seizures

Below are the key things you should consider when looking to buy a baby monitor for seizures.

1. Motion Detection

Motion detection is the first thing to consider. The best baby monitor for seizures should have a highly sensitive motion detector that senses every movement the baby makes no matter how little it might be. This way, you can tell when the baby is having seizures and when they are just turning and tossing on the cot.

2. Signal Range and Strength

Furthermore, it is important to consider the monitor’s signal strength and range. A baby monitor with a significantly strong and long signal range is what you should opt for. It will provide clear views of the baby and monitor every single movement from any room in your home. A baby monitor with a strong signal also ensures continuous and uninterrupted connection.

3. Video Quality

If the baby monitor you are getting has a video feed, it must provide clear feeds in all conditions, even at night. We recommend that you choose a product that has an HD display and a top-notch camera. On top of that, it is wise to get a baby monitor with a large screen of at least 5” to get a full view of the baby without squinting.

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4. Battery Life

Battery life is another important feature in baby monitors that is often overlooked. The best baby monitor for seizures is powered by a powerful battery. The more charge the battery can hold, the more hours it operates continuously. This is particularly essential when it comes to keeping an eye on the baby at night.

Baby monitors with long battery life are also the best for travel. They provide reliable runtime while on the road before and ensure that the baby is in the best condition all through.

5. Alerts and Notifications

Another important thing to consider is alerts and notifications of the monitor. The best baby monitor for seizures provides crisp clear alerts immediately after the baby makes any movement or starts to cry. Besides, some of the more advanced monitors provide adjustable sound settings for customizing the motion and noise level that triggers the notification

6. Security

Lastly, consider the safety and security features that the baby monitor brings to the table. It is important to have a baby monitor that has the most secure encryption. You will be able to protect your important data as well as the privacy and safety of your entire family. Baby monitors with a hackproof connection are also essential for on-the-go use, in hotels or motels.

Benefits of Baby Monitors for Seizures

Getting a baby monitor for seizures comes with a lot of benefits for both the baby and the parent. These benefits include:

1. Better Sleep Quality

If your baby suffers from seizures, getting a baby monitor for seizures will help improve their quality of sleep. The monitor is also essential for preventing sleep deprivation for the parent

2. Better Quality of Life

A baby monitor for seizures not only helps you keep a watchful eye on the baby but also goes a long way to giving you peace of mind.

3. Seizure Recording

You can use the baby monitor to record the baby when they have seizures. After that, you can use that information to improve their overall well-being

4. Early Detection

Seizure monitoring baby monitors also help detect abnormal movements and changes in vital signs associated with seizures. As such, you can notify your healthcare professional in an early stage

FAQs: Best Baby Monitor For Seizures

1. Are seizure baby monitors accurate?

Yes. Seizure baby monitors incorporate cutting-edge technology and high-end features to ensure accuracy. However, the level of accuracy varies from one product to the other depending on the brand and construction quality.

2. Do seizure monitors prevent seizures?

No, baby monitors for seizures don’t prevent seizures. Instead, they provide early detection and alert to the parent or caregivers so that they can take prompt action.

Final Words

While baby seizure monitors are crafted with babies in mind, you must consult with a certified medical professional before you start doing your selection. With their help, you will be in a better position to choose a product that blends the best with your baby’s needs. Whichever baby monitor you end up getting, we do hope that our article has been of significant help.