How to Use an Apple Watch as a Baby Monitor

Smart Watch Baby Monitor

Having a baby is an exciting moment yet stressful. You want to keep your little one safe, but also need to carry on with daily errands. This is where having an Apple Watch for a baby monitor comes in handy! By downloading a baby monitoring app, you can easily turn … Read more

Are Baby Monitors Safe Radiation?

View of a safe and happy baby

Are baby monitors safe from radiation? Or rather, can radio waves from baby monitoring devices harm my bay? These are questions that every parent asks when looking to buy a baby monitor. Our answer to these questions is a simple, NO. Taken alone, baby monitors are relatively safe to use … Read more

How to Choose a Good Baby Monitor

Invidyo WiFi Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

Baby monitors come in different designs and types to meet the varying needs of parents and caregivers. If you are new in the sphere of baby monitors and looking to buy one, you will be surprised by the multitude of models out there. In our post today, we will show … Read more

8 Best Baby Monitors for Camping

TimeFlys Audio Baby Monitor OL Portable

Going camping with your little one and looking for the best baby monitor for camping? You have come to the right place. In this guide, we walk you through the baby monitors ideal for camping and show you how to choose the most ideal model for your needs. A baby … Read more

Best Wifi Baby Monitor 2023

Boifun 5” Baby Monitor, 1080p Wifi Baby Monitor

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Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor vs Nanit Pro

Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor vs Nanit Pro

In the realm of baby monitors, the technology landscape continues to evolve rapidly. As a result, the market is now saturated with smart baby monitors from so many brands. We have scoured the market and put together a detailed comparison of the Miku Pro smart baby monitor vs Nanit Pro, … Read more

Best Baby Monitor With Phone App

nooie Baby Camera Monitor

In this digital age we are living in, technology is an integral part of our lives. For parents, it is even more important when it comes to keeping a watchful eye on your little ones and ensuring that you’re comfortable and safe. In our guide today, we shed more light … Read more

Eufy Baby Monitor Vs Infant Optics

Eufy Security Spaceview Video Baby Monitor E110

In the realm of baby monitors, there are so many brands available on the market today. While all these monitors serve the same function of helping you keep an eye on your babies, each brand is unique in terms of the technology and features it uses to make its baby … Read more

Can Non-Wifi Baby Monitors be Hacked?

VTech VM923 Video Baby Monitor

Are you wondering, “Can non-wifi baby monitors be hacked? Non-wifi baby monitors are susceptible to hacking, but the risk is really low compared to wifi baby monitors. Typically, non-wifi baby monitors transmit audio and video signals either through analog or digital technologies like Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, DECT which are … Read more