How to Delete Security Camera Footage

Do you want to delete footage from your security camera but wondering how to go about it? You have come to the right place. We will show you how to delete security camera footage in your home, office, or business.

Security cameras are a handy tool for keeping track of your surroundings. They come in different shapes and designs to protect your premises and valuables from criminals and capture your most precious moments.

All security cameras for home, office, and business use store the surveillance footage on SD card, cloud, or DVR/NVR devices. All these storage options have memory limitations that vary from one camera to the other depending on the model, brand, and storage space.

When you have limited memory space, it will be hard to store all your surveillance camera recordings. You will have to remove the old recordings to create new space for new recordings. But how do you go about it? Worry not! Below is a guide on how to delete your old security camera footage and free up the space for new recordings.

How to Delete Security Camera Footage

In this guide, we will show you the four ways to get rid of security camera footage. Let’s go over the:

Delete the Security Camera Footage from DVR/NVR

This is the easiest and quickest way to delete security camera footage. For this method, start by connecting and logging in to your DVR or NVR using a monitor. After the login, move to the device settings to find the disk management. Here you will be able to view the history of the security camera and delete all the footage that you don’t want.

Delete the Footage from an SD Card

Most of the security cameras for home, office, or business use have an SD card storage option. If you have such a camera, deleting the unwanted footage is very easy as well.

Remove the SD card from the camera and insert it in a card reader. After that use the card reader to connect it to your computer. From the computer, open the SD card information and choose “Format”. This is where you will have full access to all the files stored.

Choose the footage recordings that you want to get rid of and return the SD card to the camera. You can remove and return the SD card to delete the footage as often as you want and the camera will continue to record and work normally.

Cut Out the Footage from Cloud Storage

Modern security cameras use the Cloud to store the footage recording. Cloud storage is by far the best storage option in terms of privacy, reliability, and convenience. Besides, the Cloud has fewer storage limitations compared to the other storage options and offers great convenience for those who want to keep tabs on their cameras wherever they might be.

To delete surveillance footage from Cloud, start by logging into your account via the app and company that saves the footage of your security camera. Some of the brands offer this service for a monthly subscription that enables easy access.

After logging in successfully, check out the recorded videos stored by your camera. From here, you will be able to choose the footage that you don’t want anymore and get rid of it.

For this storage option, remember that cloud storage application varies from one camera to the other. So, a quick search on your company’s system should guide you through how to dispose of the footage on your camera.

Delete the Footage from a PC

Lastly how to delete security camera footage is getting rid of it from a PC. Some people have their security cameras capturing and storing the footage on a laptop or computer. Log into your PC and find the file where the security camera stores the footage. Go through the files presented to you and delete the footage that you don’t need anymore.

Why Delete Security Camera Recording Footage

Security cameras take videos of your home, office, or business environment and store them for future reference. Getting rid of the old and unwanted footage is essential for several reasons which include:

1. Free Up Memory Space

The main reason you should delete unwanted security camera footage is to free up the storage space. No matter the kind of storage your camera uses, if its memory is full or nearly full, it will affect the quality of the recording. So, cleaning up the space frequently ensures smooth operation all through.

2. Cyber Protection

Whether it’s a security camera for home, office, or business use, you will want to ensure that no one can access your footage. Deleting the videos that you no longer need is therefore important to ensure cyber protection.

3. Legal Compliance

If you own a business, the law requires you to delete your security camera recording footage frequently. So, you should check what the laws and regulations in your area say about security cameras and abide by them so you don’t get into any trouble.

4. Routine Maintenance

Clearing storage space is part of routine maintenance. So, getting rid of the security camera footage that you no longer need is essential to ensuring the system’s efficiency as well as reliability.

Can Security Camera Footage be Recovered?

Losing vital security camera footage can feel dreadful. But panic not; security camera footage that has been accidentally erased can still be recovered. You can search the recycle bin on your computer and see if the footage is still there. If you find it, simply click restore and you will have the footage back.

Alternatively, search online for instructions to get the footage back depending on the model of your security camera and the method of storage you are using. If you have a Cloud subscription, contact the company you use.

Final Words

A security camera is an essential piece of gear for protecting your home, business, or valuables from threats. After a period of continuous video footage recording, you need to delete some footage to ensure that the camera keeps working optimally.

We have presented the main ways to delete security camera footage depending on where you store the recordings. Hopefully, you are now in a position to clear all the footage you no longer need and ensure that your camera is optimally functional.