Best Outdoor Security Camera With Motion Detection

In a world that continues to be interconnected, security is paramount for home business owners. The most effective way to protect your property and loved ones is to have a security camera, and in this post, we shed more light on the best outdoor security camera with motion detection.

Security cameras with motion detection have revolutionized outdoor surveillance. They employ high-end features to timelessly scan our premises and keep a watchful eye on our behalf. Besides, with the ability to detect motion, these cameras will instantly alert you of any threat and deter would-be intruders.

In this comprehensive buying guide, we will take you through the highly rated outdoor security cameras with motion detection, explore the features, pros, and cons, and empower you to make an informed purchase.

Whether you want a security camera to surround your business premise or enhance the security in your home, these are the top choices with motion detection. Let’s dive right in:

Best Outdoor Security Camera With Motion Detection

1. SOLIOM S600 Outdoor Home Security Camera

SOLIOM S600 Outdoor Home Security Camera

First on our list is the SOLIOM S600 Outdoor Home Security Camera. It is built with an array of top-notch features and advanced technology which make it the best outdoor security camera with motion detection.

The camera is super easy to install and use. It can record videos of the feed taken to an SD card or Cloud storage. Once motion is detected, the camera instantly sends an alarm to your phone.

Furthermore, this camera has an accurate PIR sensor with a 155° angle and more than 18ft range. The full 1080p HD resolution works together with the advanced night vision technology to capture clear and colorful videos day and night. Besides, the camera has a remote pan, tilt, and zoom function to help you capture every movement steadily.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Clear night vision
  • Accurate and fast motion detection
  • Clear two-way audio
  • Great battery life


  • The camera doesn’t support 24/7 continuous recording

2. Noorio B200 Security Camera Wireless Outdoor

Noorio B200 Security Camera Wireless Outdoor

This wireless outdoor security camera comes at a price that is hard to pass. And though affordable, it does not cut any corners on quality and reliability.

The highlight of this security camera is the ease of installation. It comes with a magnetic base for ease of installation. Besides, it has a compact form that gives you the flexibility to mount it just about anywhere.

With the 1080p resolution, this camera provides stunning video footage. The built-in spotlight complements the high resolution and illuminates the surroundings at night. As such, you are assured of crisp clear image and video quality in low light conditions.

In addition to all these benefits, this camera employs an advanced AI detection technology for differentiating between humans and other objects such as vehicles.


  • Quality night vision
  • Ease of use
  • Solid construction
  • Quick, hassle-free installation process


  • Short battery life

3. ieGeek Security Camera Wireless Outdoor

ieGeek Security Camera Wireless Outdoor

ieGeek Security Camera, a wireless outdoor home security camera comes with all the modern and advanced features you would expect. It is solar-powered for eco-conscious buyers and comes with a built-in battery that provides up to 180 days of continuous power.

This camera is built and ready for outdoor use. It has a tough ABS housing which is fully waterproof and dustproof. It works well under a burning sun as well as in varying temperatures from -4℉-144℉.

The image and video quality of the camera is as outstanding as the build quality. Thanks to the 2K resolution, it provides stunning image clarity day and night. Furthermore, it is outfitted with 2PIR LEDs and 2 white lights to ensure clear night vision up to 33ft.

Above all, this wireless outdoor security camera features free Cloud storage and smart AI detection technology to reduce false alarms.


  • Great night vision
  • Reliable and consistent motion detection
  • Stunning picture quality
  • Non-stop battery power


  • Short lifespan

4. ESCANU Wireless Solar Outdoor Security Camera

Wireless Solar Outdoor Security 2K PTZ AI Motion Detection Audio WiFi Camera

Fourth on our list of the best outdoor security cameras with motion detection is the ESCANU Camera. It is 100% wireless for easy installation and portability convenience. It also comes with a solar panel to supply power.

The motion detection of this camera is exceptional. Whenever there is motion detection, it sends an instant notification on your mobile. Furthermore, there are three levels of motion detection sensibility up to 40ft.

This camera has 1080p resolution and wide-angle coverage. You can rotate the angle the way you want and with the 3x digital zoom, you are guaranteed up-close viewing. Over and above that, the camera provides crisp clear night vision, even on the dark moon-less nights.


  • Solar powered
  • Good picture quality
  • Ease of installation, setup, and use
  • Amazing video quality


  • Requires a strong internet signal to work

5. VISION WELL Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor

VISION WELL Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor

If you are on a tight budget, try the VISION WELL Security Camera. This camera is completely wireless for ease of installation. It supports multi-user sharing and has two-way talk-back so you can communicate with your family members or visitors in real-time.

This camera is built for outdoor use. It is IP65 waterproof to withstand any weather. On top of that, it is made using the most hard-wearing materials so you are guaranteed long-term durability.

With this home security camera, you get three instant alarm methods: siren, flashing light, and notification push. The AI motion detection recognizes people, pets, and vehicles to prevent false alarms. Moreover, you can easily tailor activity zones and monitor multiple specified areas altogether.


  • Stunning night vision
  • Reliable and consistent motion detection
  • Good image quality
  • Wireless and easy to install
  • Value for money


  • Battery life could be better

6. WYZE Cam OG Indoor/Outdoor 1080p Smart Home Security Camera

WYZE Cam OG Indoor/Outdoor 1080p Smart Home Security Camera

Next up, we have the WYZE Cam OG Home Security Camera. This camera is easy to use and it can be used for either indoor or outdoor use.

It is reasonably affordable to meet the needs of budget-conscious buyers. It provides instant live streaming so you can monitor your home in real time. Furthermore, it provides fast notifications when motion is detected.

Construction-wise, the camera is built with durability in mind. It is IP65 weatherproof to complement the rock-solid construction and ensure a longer lifespan. Besides that, it boasts 1080p resolution and customizable detection zones with smoke and CO alerts.


  • Great picture quality
  • Ease of installation
  • Good value for the price
  • Decent motion detection


  • Grainy night vision

7. ZEEPORTE Security Camera Outdoor

ZEEPORTE Security Camera Outdoor

ZEEPORTE Security Camera marks our seventh pick of the best outdoor security cameras with motion detection. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and has two-way audio for real-time communication.

This camera delivers incredible UHD picture quality. At night, the infrared light provides full-color night vision. Besides, the wide 130° view angle covers a large area with stunning views.

In terms of construction, the camera is built well so it won’t be affected by bad weather. It is IP65 waterproof, dustproof, and usable in temperature ranges from -4°F to 122°F. This results in continuous protection all year round.

In addition to everything else, this camera has AI analysis and motion detection which can distinguish motion from humans, pets, and other objects like vehicles.


  • Great battery life
  • Picture quality
  • Good value for the price
  • Easy installation process
  • Crisp night vision


  • Connectivity issues

8. GMK Security Camera Wireless Outdoor

GMK Security Camera Wireless Outdoor

GMK Security Camera is a wireless outdoor camera with 1080p resolution. It provides exquisite picture quality in all environments and full-color night vision with advanced infrared LED lights.

Since the camera is 100% wireless, it can be installed wherever you want. The installation method is quick and straightforward so no need to hire a professional. On top of that, the camera supports multi-device sharing with your family members or friends.

Another impressive thing about this camera is motion detection. It boasts smart PIR motion detection for image analysis. It provides accurate alert notifications to your mobile phone according to AI cloud analysis results.

To top it all off, the GMK Security Camera is IP65 waterproof and dustproof so it works under any condition.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Excellent motion detection
  • Quality construction
  • Full-color night vision


  • Poor battery life

9. ANRAN 2K Security Camera Wireless Outdoor 

ANRAN 2K Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, 3MP AI Motion Detection & Color Night Vision Home Security Cameras

ANRAN 2K Security Camera is another premium quality home security camera ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It is 100% wire-free and powered by a rechargeable battery which holds power for a long.

This camera provides superb bright and clear pictures 24/7. It has a spotlight alarm to deter would-be intruders and a siren/sound alarm as well. Moreover, it works with Alexa to enable smart home integration.

With intelligent PIR motion detection and alerting, this camera will protect your home day and night. It provides real-time alerts through your mobile app for remote monitoring just about anywhere. This camera also supports smart and quick playback for extra value.


  • Clear night vision
  • Reliable motion detection
  • Great picture quality
  • Good value for the price


  • Terrible battery life

10. HOSAFE Security Camera Outdoor 2K 4MP

Security Camera Outdoor 2K 4MP, Hosafe WiFi Home Security System Video Surveillance IP Camera, Floodlight Motion Detection, Pan Tilt Auto Tracking, Two Way Audio, Color Night Vision, Waterproof

Our last pick of the best outdoor security cameras with motion detection is the Hosafe Security Camera Outdoor 2K 4MP. This camera has human AI motion detection and auto-tracking to detect all motion events and at the same time prevent false motion alerts.

The spotlight and siren warning work together to scare away the intruders. At night, the camera provides crisp night vision in black and white. Furthermore, the high 2K resolution guarantees stunning video quality in all environments.

Construction-wise, this camera is IP66 waterproof. This means that it works in all weather conditions. Other than that, this camera has a remote pan, tilt, and zoom function for remote monitoring from just about anywhere.


  • Ease of installation
  • Clear night vision
  • Great quality and value
  • Decent sound quality


  • Connectivity problems

Tips for Choosing the Best Outdoor Security Camera with Motion Detection

When looking to buy an outdoor security camera with motion detection, take into consideration the following factors:

1. Camera Type

There are two types of security cameras to choose from; wired and wireless. Wireless cameras are very easy to install just about anywhere. On the other hand, wired cameras offer a more stable connection but require professional installation.

2. Resolution

Go for a security camera with a high resolution. The higher the resolution a camera has, the greater the image and video quality it provides. We recommend models with 1080p, 2K, or 4K resolution for outdoor surveillance.

3. Weather Resistance

The best outdoor security camera with motion detection should have a housing that withstands the environmental conditions in your area. This includes rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. With weatherproof construction, you are assured all continuous use, all year round.

4. Night Vision

Ensure that you get a security camera that works 24/7. In addition to high resolution, the camera should have infrared LED lights or any other night vision technology that provides clear footage when darkness falls.

5. Storage

The other important thing to consider is storage options. There are two storage options you can choose from: local SD card storage or Cloud storage. Cloud storage is the best in terms of remote access and backup, but it requires you to pay the subscription fee.

FAQs: Best Outdoor Security Camera With Motion Detection

1. What is motion detection in security cameras?

Motion detection is a feature that enables security cameras to detect motion within their field of view. It is this feature that triggers alerts and recordings whenever movement is detected.

2. Can an outdoor security camera differentiate between humans and animals?

Yes. Modern security cameras use AI motion detection algorithms to differentiate between humans and animals. This feature is very important in reducing false alarms that are often triggered by non-human motion.


Finding the best outdoor security camera with motion detection doesn’t always have to be a hard task. When you are well-informed, you will be able to find the right camera for your needs without any strain. Hopefully, our post has helped steer you in the right direction.

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