How to Use an Apple Watch as a Baby Monitor

Having a baby is an exciting moment yet stressful. You want to keep your little one safe, but also need to carry on with daily errands. This is where having an Apple Watch for a baby monitor comes in handy! By downloading a baby monitoring app, you can easily turn your Apple Watch into a convenient baby monitor right from your wrist.

In this simple guide, we’ll walk you through how to use an Apple watch as a baby monitor so you can keep watch over your bundle of joy, no matter where you are in your home.

How to Use an Apple Watch as a Baby Monitor: What You Need

  • An Apple Watch (Series 3 or later recommended)
  • An iPhone compatible with your Apple Watch
  •  A stable WiFi network
  • Baby monitoring app (suggestions listed below)

Turn Your Apple Watch Into a Baby Monitor: A Step-by-Step Guide

Apple Watch Series 8

Here is a step by step guide on how to use apple watch as a baby monitor:

Step 1: Connect Apple Watch to WiFi

The first step is making sure your Apple Watch is connected to your WiFi network. Go into the settings app on your paired iPhone and confirm Bluetooth, WiFi, and WiFi calling are enabled. Then on your Apple Watch go to Settings > WiFi and select the same network.

Step 2: Download a Baby Monitoring App

There are several good baby monitoring apps available for the Apple Watch. Search the App Store for a highly rated baby monitoring app compatible with the Apple Watch. We suggest trying apps like Baby Monitor by Netgear, Nanit Baby Monitor, or Baby Monitor 3G. We recommend testing a few to see which one you like best.

The basic features you want are video/audio monitoring, notifications, and Apple Watch compatibility. Download and install your preferred app on both your iPhone and Apple Watch

Step 3: Connect the App and Your iPhone

Follow the setup instructions in the app you downloaded. You’ll need to pair the app to your iPhone by allowing permissions and entering codes. Depending on the app, you may need to keep Bluetooth enabled or location permissions allowed.

The app will pair with your iPhone over the WiFi network, allowing you to hear and see your baby from your Watch. This allows remote viewing and alerts to be sent to your Watch. Position your iPhone near your baby’s crib for the best monitoring functionality.

Step 4: Adjust In-App Settings

Within the app adjust any preferences like video quality, sound sensitivity, alerts, talk features and night vision mode. Turn on notifications to be sent straight to your Apple Watch whenever the app detects noise or movement.

Step 5: Start Monitoring on Your Apple Watch

You’re all set! You can now monitor your baby right from your wrist! Open the baby monitoring app on your Apple Watch to instantly view real-time video and hear audio coming from your iPhone camera near the crib. Enjoy being able to monitor your little one from anywhere using your Watch.

Most apps offer two-way communication so you can talk or sing to your baby as well. If your baby makes noise or starts crying, your Watch will send alerts so you know to check in.

Apple Watch Handy Features

When using an apple watch to keep an eye on your little one, you enjoy unlimited features that make parenting easy and enjoyable. Some of these amazing features include:

  • Night vision mode on infrared camera to see baby when dark
  • Tracking baby’s sleep patterns and feedings
  • Saving images/videos captured of special moments
  • Reading bedtime stories or playing lullabies
  • Temperature and humidity sensors

Extra Tips: How to Use an Apple Watch as a Baby Monitor

To have a seamless monitoring experience right from your wrist, consider the following tips. You not only enjoy keeping an eye on your bundle of joy but also be at ease running your daily errands.

  • Keep your Apple Watch sufficiently charged to receive alerts
  • Use a stand to angle the iPhone camera properly
  • Switch your watch to mute/DND mode when baby sleeps
  • Save precious moments and daily milestones
  • Utilize motion tracking and sleep analysis features


Do you have an iPhone and an Apple watch? Our guide above on how to use an Apple Watch as a baby monitor gives you the convenience of a lifetime. All you need is to incorporate the above few easy steps.

You feel at ease knowing you can monitor your baby’s activities and surroundings in real-time just from your wrist. No matter where you are at home, you’ll receive instant notifications on your wrist. This hands-free, convenient solution gives you freedom and peace of mind throughout your parenting journey. Set up your wearable Apple Watch as a baby monitor today!

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