9 Best Baby Video Monitors 2023

Baby monitors come in different designs. There are those with audio capability, video capability or both. All the designs make a remarkable companion for parents who want to keep a watchful eye on their little ones and in this article, we delve into the best baby video monitor 2023.

When it comes to raising babies and toddlers, video baby monitors come in handy. At home, in the backyard or during travel, these devices make it easier to monitor the baby in all that they do. Sophisticated technology and top-notch features are incorporated inside these devices to ensure that there is no longer a barrier between you the parent and your bundle of joy.

We have scoured the market and come up with a comprehensive guide of the best baby video monitors 2023. Designed with the lifestyle of different parents in mind, these monitors offer crisp and consistent feed in all light settings. Additionally, they come with customizable alerts, secure connection and a ton of other features suitable for new and seasoned parents.

With all that said and without any further delays, let’s dive right in.

Best Baby Video Monitors 2023 

Ready to bring up your bundle of joy in a safe and secure environment? Here is a list of the top best baby video monitors 2023:

1. Vtech VM819 Video Baby Monitor

Vtech VM819 Video Baby Monitor

Vtech VM819 Video Baby Monitor is by far the best baby video monitor available on the market. It is a long-range baby monitor that makes it easy for you to monitor the safety and comfort of your baby without breaking a sweat.

With this baby monitor, the system transmits signal via 2.4GHz channel. It is reliable and secure, so you never have to worry about anyone listening or watching your baby. Besides, the parent unit’s high resolution provides clear views of the baby with every move.

Another stand out facet of this baby monitor is operability in any light. The camera’s highly sensitive infrared LED light provides clear images of the baby at night without glare. Even better, there are two calming melodies and two soft ambient sounds to help you prepare the baby to bed.


  • 8” LCD screen
  • Temperature sensor
  • Two-way talk back intercom
  • Automatic infrared night vision
  • Sound activation mode
  • Adjustable camera angle
  • Full vision video


  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Wall mountable
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Poor audio quality

2. ARENTI Video Baby Monitor

ARENTI Video Baby Monitor

ARENTI Video Baby Monitor is a user-friendly device that offers the perfect combination of advanced technology, modern design and quality construction. It is ideal for keeping an eye on babies and toddlers at home and during travel.

Built with a 2K HD camera, this baby monitor provides clear, real-time video and audio of the baby. The functionality of this camera is then complemented by the large 5” HD display which is super clear and easy to use.

Not only is the audio and image quality of this baby monitor outstanding, but also the protection features. It has upgraded dual security protection that ensures no one else can tap into your monitor and keep an eye on what’s happening in your home.

The other essential features included are remote pan-tilt-zoom, long 1,000ft transmission range and multiple caring functions which include temperature and humidity monitoring. All these make ARENTI one of the best baby video monitor in 2023.


  • VOX mode
  • Two-way talk
  • 1,000ft connectivity range
  • Remote pan-tilt-zoom
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • 2K HD baby camera
  • Built-in night light
  • Motion and sound detection


  • Low power consumption technology
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Perfect for multiple kids
  • Easy to use


  • Short lifespan

3. JLB7tech 5” Split-Screen Baby Monitor

JLB7tech 5” Split-Screen Baby Monitor

Designed with portability and ease of use in mind, the JLB7tech 5” Split-Screen Baby Monitor is the best baby video monitor for travel. It provides crisp clear images of baby in all settings. Further, the monitor has a long battery life of up to 9hrs with screen on and 12hrs with audio only. This helps you keep an eye over your baby without worrying about the battery dying.

The 5-inch LCD screen is very easy to use. There is no complex Wi-Fi connection or any other APP download needed. Besides, it allows split screen so you can keep an eye on different parts of the baby’s room simultaneously.

For extra-value, this device has two-way talk-back communication that you use to communicate with the baby whenever you want. On top of that, there is a 2x digital zoom to give you a closer view of the image on the screen. This monitor also has built-in infrared night vision for use in the dark.


  • 5-inch large split screen LCD screen
  • Two-way talk-back communication
  • 2.4GHz signal transmission
  • Built-in IR night vision
  • Room temperature display
  • 2x digital zoom
  • 900ft transmission range
  • VOX mode
  • Rotatable camera


  • Good camera quality
  • Long distance range
  • Simple to use
  • Portable


  • Poor quality night vision

4. Babysense Baby Monitor, 4.3” Split Screen

Babysense Baby Monitor, 4.3” Split Screen

Babysense is a highly respected brand known for its dedication to quality and performance. This premium baby monitor is here to provide peace of mind when you carry out your day-to-day activities and your baby is relaxing or playing in their room.

The functionality of this baby monitor is attributed to the ultra-long range transmission range. It covers up to 960ft in open space so you can easily watch the baby from other rooms or in the backyard.

Furthermore, the monitor is built with cutting-edge infrared night vision to ensure that you don’t miss anything at night. Both the video and audio quality is good and with the Hackproof technology incorporated, you are guaranteed of unparalleled securing as well as uninterrupted performance.


  • Split screen display
  • Adjustable night light
  • Remote pan, tilt and zoom
  • 2-way talk back
  • Auto infrared night vision
  • Long 960ft range
  • Eco mode function
  • Hackproof secure connection


  • Clear sound quality
  • Decent battery life
  • Great option for two kids


  • Low volume

5. bonoch Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

bonoch Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

If you are a busy parent, the bonoch Baby Monitor is a must-have. It has clear video and audio quality to help you stay connected to your baby as you tackle your everyday activities.

This baby monitor features a 5” large screen which you can split into two and monitor baby’s activities. The screen interface is intuitive and easy to use for extra convenience. Furthermore, the monitor has long lasting battery that lasts 8 hours with screen on and 22 hours on audio mode.

To complement the impressive 720p HD display, the camera in this monitor has pan, tilt and zoom function to help you keep an eye on baby’s room from every angle. The auto night vision provides quality images in the dark, without glare. On top of that, this product has two-way audio that you use to instantly respond to the baby’s needs.


  • Sound detection
  • Auto night vision
  • Pan, tilt and zoom
  • Secure, no wi-fi connection
  • Split screen display
  • Temperature sensor
  • 8 soothing lullabies
  • 1-6hrs feeder timer
  • VOX mode


  • Full room coverage
  • Clear pictures day and night
  • Easy to use


  • Low volume

6. ANMEATE Baby Monitor

ANMEATE Baby Monitor


ANMEATE Baby Monitor, marks our sixth recommendation of the best baby video monitor 2023. It boasts a significantly large 3.5” display and remote pan-tilt-zoom camera that makes it easy to monitor the baby’s room from every angle.

Complementing the wide view monitor is 960ft connectivity range which doesn’t require Wi-Fi. With this type of connection, this baby monitor is secure and hackproof. It also guarantees uninterrupted connectivity all through.

Through advanced technology, this baby monitor is expandable up to 4 cameras. As such, you can connect it to other rooms in your house not just the baby’s room. Other than that, it has a sleek, compact and light weight design for use both at home and during travel.


  • Remote camera pan-tilt and zoom
  • Two-way talk
  • Remote temperature display
  • Invisible IR night vision
  • Large 3.5” display
  • 4GHz digital wireless transmission
  • Feeding clock alarm function
  • 960ft range connectivity


  • Giftable
  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • Excellent night vision
  • Stunning picture quality


  • The battery life could be better

7. HelloBaby 5 Inch Video Baby Monitor

HelloBaby 5 Inch Video Baby Monitor

Next up, we have the HelloBaby 5 Inch Video Baby Monitor. Designed for indoor use, this premium quality baby monitor comes with an all-encompassing set of features that busy parents need to monitor their little ones with ease.

It uses 2.4GHz FHSS wireless connectivity which is neither prone to interruptions nor hacking. Furthermore, the connectivity range is long enough to covers up to 1,000ft in open spaces and different rooms in your home.

Another highlight of this product is the invisible IR night vision. It yields crystal clear videos of your little one even in pitch darkness. Moreover, a remote pan/ tilt/ zoom camera comes in handy when you want to have a look at the baby’s room from different angles.

And that’s not all. This electronic device has two-way talk and 8 lullabies to soothe the baby to sleep when its bedtime. The other essential things also included are a feeding alarm and temperature sensor for monitoring temperature.

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Best HelloBaby Baby Monitor 


  • Remote pan/ tilt/ zoom camera
  • Feeding alarm
  • Invisible IR night vision
  • Two-way talk
  • 5-inch screen
  • VOX mode
  • 8 lullabies
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras


  • Simpe to install
  • Clear picture even at night
  • Great battery life
  • Good value for money


  • The wide angle is too zoomed in

8. ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera

ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera

When it comes to keeping a watchful eye and ear for your baby, it is hard to go wrong with the ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor. It features a digital camera and an array of other superb features for unmatched performance and dependability.

This baby monitor provides 24/7 undisrupted connection with crystal clear video and audio. It is easy to set up and has a long connectivity range up to 960ft for use in the house as well as open spaces like the yard.

Furthermore, the monitor uses state-of-the-art 2.4GHz FHSS technology for audio and video. It is stable and secure enough to ensure safety and uninterrupted connection in all weather conditions. Over and above that, the ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor features a clear 2.4” HD color LCD display and auto infrared night vision for day and night use.


  • Connectivity with up to 4 cameras
  • Long 960ft transmission range
  • Auto infrared night vision
  • Two-way talk communication
  • 4” HD LCD display
  • ECO mode voice activation
  • Alarm/timer setting
  • 24GHz FHSS technology
  • Temperature sensor


  • Decent battery life
  • Easy installation
  • Good motion detection
  • Highly effective night vision


  • Short lifespan

9. UKSUP Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

UKSUP Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

Lastly in our list of the best baby video monitor 2023, we have UKSUP Baby Monitor. It is remarkably easy to set up and stays reliably connected up to 1,000ft so you can use it in any part of your house from your bedroom to kitchen and any other place you want.

Other than that long transmission range, this monitor has a large 5” LCD display which provides clear view of the baby. Additionally, the digital camera has pan, tilt and zoom functions that give you a view of every part of the baby’s room.

The high capacity battery coupled with VOX mode give you full mobility in the house. Over and above that, you can use it to monitor the little one even in pitch dark settings. This is thanks to the infrared night vision that is glare-free.

The other essential features that the UKSUP Baby Monitor also bring to the table include built-in temperature sensor, two-way talk and eight soothing lullabies.


  • Infrared night vision
  • VOX mode
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Large 5” LCD display
  • Digital camera with pan-tilt-zoon
  • Long 1,000ft transmission range
  • Multi-camera connectivity


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Great sound quality


  • Poor night vision

How to Choose the Best Video Baby Monitor 2023

Below are some of the important features you should keep in mind when buying a video baby monitor:

1. Video Quality

Crisp clear video quality is an important thing that the best baby video monitor should have. You should be able to see the baby clearly even if its at night. The monitor should also give you clear views of the baby’s room from different angles.

2. Connectivity and Range

You need a video baby monitor that offers good connectivity in all parts of your house. Look at the total range of the monitor and ensure that it is long enough to cover all the areas you anticipate to use in. Also, the connectivity should not just be strong, but also secure and consistent.

3. Battery Life

A video baby monitor with battery life is essential. This is more so important if you plan to use it throughout the night or during travel. Some models have low battery consumption technology and other battery saving features to save more on power.

4. Ease of Use

The best baby video monitor should be user-friendly. First and foremost, it should be easy to install. Furthermore, the monitor should be intuitive and easy to use and so should the camera. The last thing you would want is operating a complex monitor while the baby is crying.

FAQs: Best Video Baby Monitor 2023

1. Are video baby monitors secure?

Yes. Present day video baby monitors come with encryption and security features which makes them both safe and secure. Most of these monitors feature wireless connectivity which goes a long way to make them hackproof.

2. Can I use a baby video monitor in multiple rooms?

Absolutely. Most video baby monitors have multi-camera connectivity which means that you can connect the different cameras in different rooms in your house other than the baby’s room. If you have multiple kids to monitor, this feature is quite handy.

Final Words

Whether you are a first-time parent or you are bringing another baby in your family, the best video baby monitor is an essential device to add in your parenting kit. Every moment in parenting matters and the video monitors we have mentioned above are designed to ensure that you never miss a single of these moments. Hopefully, you have found our article to be insightful and helpful.