Can Non-Wifi Baby Monitors be Hacked?

Are you wondering, “Can non-wifi baby monitors be hacked? Non-wifi baby monitors are susceptible to hacking, but the risk is really low compared to wifi baby monitors. Typically, non-wifi baby monitors transmit audio and video signals either through analog or digital technologies like Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, DECT which are virtually hackproof.

If you are looking to buy a baby monitor and privacy and security are your top concern, we recommend that you go for a non-wifi baby monitor. These baby monitors don’t require wifi or internet connection to operate. This makes them less prone to remote hacking by intruders wanting to access your data.

To hack a non-wifi baby monitor, the hacker has to be within the physical range of your baby monitor’s signal and know which frequency to communicate. While it’s considered a rare occurrence, it is not impossible. To avoid it, here are common ways to mitigate the few risks that can make your non-wifi baby monitor less prone to hacking.

Factors Predisposing Non-Wifi Baby Monitors to Hackers

If your concerned whether “can non-wifi baby monitors be hacked?” Then, yes and here are the factors that increase the risk of hackers gaining access to your baby monitor:

1. Physical Access

This is the main factor that predisposes your non-wifi baby monitor to get hacked. If an unauthorized individual gains physical access to your baby monitor or the parent monitor, they can easily access personalized data from it. Other than that, they can tamper with its connection, alter the settings and or even replace it with a malicious device.

2. Eavesdropping

Other than tampering with the settings and connectivity of the baby monitor, a hacker can intercept the connection between the parent unit and the baby monitor. With such access, they can easily listen to the conversations you have with your baby. Even worse, they can intercept the video feed and keep viewing the baby’s room.

3. Signal Interference

Another way that a hacker can hack your non-wifi baby monitor is through signal interference. While the likelihood is low, non-wifi baby monitors can be intercepted by someone using a device with a similar signal as that of your baby monitor close by. With the interception, the intruder can listen to or see the feed from the baby’s monitor to the parent’s feed.

Ways to Mitigate Hacking of a Non-Wifi Baby Monitor

If you constantly disturbed by the question can non-wifi baby monitor be hacked, then worry not. Below we have outlined effective steps you can take to mitigate against the risk of hacking:

1. Get a Monitor from a Reputable Brand

Whether you are buying a baby monitor for the first time or not, go with a model from a well-known and reputable brand. Such brands prioritize security in all the baby products they manufacture.

2. Use Encryption

The high-end non-wifi baby monitors have encrypted transmission to give your monitor an extra layer of security to both the audio and video signals. When shopping for a monitor be keen to purchase one that utilizes encryption for guaranteed security.

3. Update the Firmware Regularly

It is also important to update the firmware of your baby monitor regularly. In most cases, manufacturers tend to release updates often with the main reason being to address security vulnerabilities. Be on the lookout for these updates to avoid any security loopholes.

4. Change Default Settings 

If you buy a baby monitor and it comes with default passwords or settings, ensure that you change them immediately. After that, ensure that you use passwords that are strong and unique. This way it’s very hard for the hackers to gain access to your monitor.

5. Position the Monitor in a Secure Place

Whether you have a small or large family, make sure that you position the baby monitor in a location where it is inaccessible to outsiders. On top of that, put it away from windows or walls where the signals might be predisposed to leaking.

6. Inspect the Monitor Regularly

Take time to inspect both the monitor and receiver for any signs of tampering. This is more so important when you use the monitor during travel and come back home after the trip. It’s easy to notice when your monitor is compromised; its commands itself to certain settings, weird noises, and reduced video quality.

Why Do People Hack Baby Monitors?

You might be wondering what the point of hacking a baby monitor is. Well, hackers are creepy people who are motivated to do different weird things. But whatever the agenda might be, it is an invasion of privacy that is legal.

Here is an overview of some of the reasons why an intruder might want to hack your baby monitor.

1. Burglary Preparation

An intruder planning to break inside your house could try to hack your baby monitor and watch your routine from morning to evening. They will figure out at what time you wake up to feed the baby or prepare them for bed. After that, they can be able to figure out the perfect time to break inside your home.

2. Criminal Activity

A person who spies on your privacy might have some criminal agenda on you. By accessing your private data and seeing the private details about your life, they can use that to blackmail and extort money from you.

3. To be a voyeur

Surprisingly, someone might try to hack your baby monitor to catch intimate moments such as breastfeeding or bathing, and dressing your little one. Even worse, they can listen to the conversations that you have in the baby’s room with your baby or partner.

4. For Pranks

Someone can also hack into your baby monitor to scare you. With such people, you might hear them talking to your baby in the middle of the night. This can be scary especially if you are a first-time mum or you are raising the baby on your own.

5. Jealously

If there is someone jealous of the family you are raising, they might hack or hire hackers to hack your baby’s monitor. After having access to the monitor, they can alter the settings or plant malware to interfere with functionality.

When the settings are altered, you might not be able to know when your child is in distress and needs your help only to wake up to a fussy or unwell baby. Their joy is to see you suffer as you raise your little one.


Hopefully, we have answered your question on can non-wifi baby monitors be hacked. While it is quite hard for someone to hack into a non-wifi baby monitor, some hackers succeed especially if they are close to the radio signal. Take all the necessary precautions to ensure your baby’s safety and if you catch someone hacking into your baby monitor, make sure that you report them for breach of privacy.

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