How Do Baby Monitors Work Without Wifi

As rewarding and fascinating as parenting is, it can be completely overwhelming, especially for first-time parents. As a parent to a newborn, you have to keep an eye on your little bundle of joy with every move you take. From little to no hours of sleep, to other parenting challenges, you must stay aware of your surroundings to ensure that your baby is comfortable and safe.

With the technological advancements happening in every field, soon-to-be parents have not been left behind. Today, baby monitors have become readily available more than ever. The market is saturated with baby monitors from the traditional models to the high-tech devices for you to choose from.

Different baby monitors come with different features suited for specific types of applications. When you make your selection, you will notice that there are models which are wifi enabled and those that aren’t. These models perform the same function of helping you keep a watchful eye on the baby; the main difference is the connectivity method.

To enhance your overall shopping experience, we have put together a complete guide on wifi vs non wifi baby monitors. Besides, if you are wondering “how do baby monitors work without wifi”, in this article, we will show you how.

How Do a Wifi Baby Monitors Work?

A wifi baby monitor uses a wireless internet connection to transmit signals from the baby unit to the parent unit. This means that you can watch your baby in their room or listen to their movement, provided you have a good and reliable internet connection.

Most of the wifi baby monitors offer a connection to an app that you can download with your smartphone or tablet. It is this app that you use to keep an eye on your little one. Even better, some of the high-tech baby monitors offer multi-screening, a feature that is very handy if you have another person or family member looking after your baby.

Since wifi baby monitors depend on internet connectivity to work, they cannot operate when there is a power outage. Additionally, any internet connectivity you experience in your home will also affect its connectivity.

How Do Baby Monitors Work Without Wifi?

Unlike Wi-Fi baby monitors, non wifi baby monitors require no internet connection to operate. They work similarly as radios where they use FHSS or DECT to connect the baby monitor and the parent unit.

Since non wifi baby monitors use these non-static channels to transmit video and audio, they tend to be less prone to security breaches and other attacks. Additionally, a baby monitor that works without wifi will still operate even when there is a storm or power outage as it does not depend on any internet connection for its basic functionality.

Wifi vs Non wifi Baby Monitors: Which is Better?

From the connectivity range to signal quality, there are so many differences that set apart wifi baby monitors from non wifi baby monitors. To help you make an informed purchase, here are the key differences between each product.

1. Security

Non wifi baby monitors use non-static channels to transmit data. This makes them ineffectively non-hackable. So, if security, privacy, and uninterrupted performance are what you are after, we recommend getting a non wifi baby monitor.

2. Monitoring Distance

Non wifi baby monitors eclipse their wifi counterparts when it comes to monitoring performance. You can monitor your baby from any room in your house and even outdoors in the yard given the long monitoring distance. On the other hand, wifi baby monitors are limited to the distance where the internet connection can reach.

3. Video and Audio Quality

Both wifi and non wifi baby monitors offer decent video and image quality. In most cases, the quality of the baby monitor determines the overall video and image quality.

Furthermore, both types of baby monitors provide clear color video feed during the day and most have night vision mode for use at night.

4. Delay

Another thing that sets apart non wifi babies from wifi baby monitors is the duration of the transmission delay. Non wifi baby monitors work by using non-static channels to send information from the baby unit to the parent unit. As a result, they are less prone to transmission delays compared to their wifi counterparts that often have transmission delays.

Benefits of Non Wifi Baby Monitors

While non wifi baby monitors are less high-tech, they have a couple of advantages that make them the right purchase. Here are some of their main selling points:

1. Security

The main selling point of non wifi baby monitors is security. They are virtually hackproof so you don’t have to worry about someone accessing your data or privacy. This is irrespective of whether you are using the baby monitor at home or during travel.

2. Ease of Use

Since non wifi baby monitors are less high-tech, they are very easy to use. They require far less setup and all you need to do is plug in the units and you are good to go. Other than ease of setup, non wifi baby monitors are also quite straightforward to operate.

3. Affordability

Another selling point of non wifi baby monitors is affordability. The less high-tech technology is incorporated, the more affordable the baby monitor becomes. Opting for a non wifi baby also means that you don’t have to incur extra costs with wifi subscriptions.

4. Portability

If you often travel with your baby, a non wifi baby monitor is your best travel companion. These monitors are compact, lightweight, and travel friendly.

5. Quick Data Transmission

Non wifi baby monitors hardly experience performance delays. With the correct setup, the baby monitor sends data to the parent unit in real-time. This is irrespective of whether it is an audio or video monitor or both. When a baby is in distress, real-time data transmission is very important to ensure that you attend to them as quickly as possible.

Disadvantages of Non Wifi Baby Monitors

1. Lack of Remote Access

The primary downside of using a non wifi baby monitor is the inability to provide parents with remote access via smartphones or tablets.

2. Limited Features

Non wifi baby monitors tend to have limited features compared to their wifi counterparts

3. Limited Integration

In addition to limited features, non wifi baby monitors also tend to have limited integration


Hopefully, we have answered your question on “How do baby monitors work without wifi.” Choosing between a non wifi and a wifi baby monitor is largely a matter of personal preference. When making your selection, remember to factor in your parenting style and needs and then settle for the baby monitor that will bring ease to your parenting journey.

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