Baby Monitor Vs Security Camera: Which is Best?

When a parent is preparing a nursery, one of the first things they get is a device to keep tabs on the baby. Some parents feel at ease using a baby monitor to keep a watchful eye on their little one, while others prefer security cameras. Choosing between the two devices is largely a matter of personal preference. In today’s article, we shed more light on baby monitor vs security cameras to help you make an informed decision.

As much as you love your baby and want to give them the best care, it is virtually impossible to be with them every other second. This is where baby monitors and security cameras come into play. These devices become your second eye where they help you monitor the safety and comfort of the baby from anywhere.

While baby monitors have long been the go-to device for most parents and caregivers, more parents have recently become attracted to security cameras for keeping tabs on their little ones. In this article, we are going to break down the differences between a baby monitor vs security camera and help you decide the best product for your needs:

Baby Monitor Vs Security Camera: The Differences

Baby monitors incorporate a comprehensive set of features that make them different from security cameras. Below are the noticeable differences that separate these two devices:

Baby Monitors

BOIFUN 5" Baby Monitor


1. Functionality

The primary difference between a baby monitor and a security camera is functionality. A baby monitor is a device that is primarily designed for monitoring newborns, babies, and toddlers. They give you a real-time video feed and audio connection to help you keep a watchful eye on the baby in their room.

2. Range

The connection range in baby monitors is limited range, maximized for use within your home.

3. Multi-Camera Capabilities.

Another stand-out feature of baby monitors is the ability to pair with more than one camera. With such a feature, one can monitor more than one room in their home simultaneously from the parent unit or a mobile app.

4. Temperature Monitoring Features

Modern-day baby monitors do more than just help the parent monitor the baby. These devices have special temperature sensors to monitor the temperature of the baby’s room.

5. Speakers

Another difference between a baby monitor vs security camera is built-in speakers. You can play lullabies for your little ones and soothe them to sleep better.

6. Audio

With a baby monitor, you can monitor and record audio feeds of any sounds within the nursery. This is a feature that security cameras lack.

7. Privacy

Given that baby monitors have a limited connectivity range, they hardly raise privacy concerns. As such, you’re assured of data protection as well as privacy.

8. Online Viewing Capabilities

Virtually all baby monitors have online viewing capabilities. Besides, some of the smart baby monitors allow multi-user viewing. This means that you can add a family member to help keep an eye on the baby on your behalf.

Security Cameras

Kasa Indoor Pan/Tilt Smart Security Camera

1. Purpose

A security camera is designed not to just monitor, but also to secure your house and things around it including entryways, yards, and other private parts of your property. It mainly serves as a deterrent against burglars and unauthorized intruders and in case of a forced intrusion, it captures evidence.

2. Range

The range of security cameras is not as limited as that of baby monitors. Security cameras are designed and built to cover large areas without compromising on video quality. On top of that, security cameras are made to withstand all outdoor conditions including bad weather.

3. Integration with Home Security System

Another noticeable difference between baby monitors vs security cameras is integration with home security systems. With the integration, you are guaranteed unmatched security and privacy protection.

4. Record Function

Both indoor and outdoor security cameras offer continuous recording functions in full color during the day and grayscale in night vision mode. Furthermore, these cameras give you the flexibility to record snippets in whatever way that you want.

5. Mains Power

Another thing that sets apart security cameras is unlimited runtime. Unlike baby monitors that operate on batteries, security cameras are plugged into the mains. This gives parents and caregivers more peace of mind knowing that the camera will help them keep a watchful eye on the baby without being prone to power failure.

6. Infinite Use

Once the child is all grown that they don’t require any more monitoring, you can continue to use the security camera as part of the broader security system of your home. Alternatively, you can use it to watch over other things such as pets when you are out of the house.

Baby Monitor vs Security Camera: Similarities 

Baby monitors tend to be similar to security cameras in the following ways:

1. Remote Operation

Both baby monitors and security cameras can provide views of the baby remotely. They are also designed to record all the baby’s movements in their room.

2. Night Viewing Capabilities

Security cameras have stunning infrared and low-light viewing capabilities, just like baby monitors. This means that you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on your child when darkness falls. Besides, both devices provide crisp clear views of the baby, even in pitch darkness.

3. Motion Sensor Capabilities

Furthermore, baby monitors and security cameras are built with motion sensors that send notification alerts whenever the baby moves.

4. Tilt and Zoom Functionality

Security cameras and most baby monitors have remote pan, tilt, and zoom functions. The zoom function is essential when you need to have a clear and up-close view of the baby. On the other hand, the tilt and pan functions provide a full view of the baby’s room from different angles.


When it comes to monitoring a baby, a dedicated baby monitor works better than a security camera. Other than showing you a live feed of the baby in the room, a baby monitor also tracks vital things like sleep patterns and breathing rates, in addition to monitoring the temperature and humidity levels in the baby’s room.

Ultimately, we recommend that you consider the areas you anticipate monitoring, your priorities, and your budget when deciding on a baby monitor vs a security camera.