Best Baby Sleep Monitors

For both adults and kids, there is certainly more to good sleep than the number of hours spent on the bed/cot. And gone are the days when parents would tiptoe to the baby’s room to check if they are okay. With the best baby sleep monitors, you can now monitor your little ones as they sleep from the convenience of your bedroom.

With the ever-evolving technology, baby monitors have become more functional and reliable. They combine science and care to become a second parent for your bundle of joy. On top of that, the highly advanced technology makes these devices not just efficient, but also safe to use in all kinds of homes.

While the standard baby monitors provide real-time audio and video feeds of the baby, the best baby sleep monitors provide additional insights into the baby’s sleeping pattern and whether or not they have had enough sleep. With this information at hand, you come up with strategies to improve your baby’s sleeping health.

Are you ready to embrace a new era of parenting but have difficulty finding the best baby sleep monitors? Here is a comprehensive list of the best models suitable for you. Let’s have a look:

Best Baby Sleep Monitors

Good sleep translates to a healthy baby and a happy parent. Here are the top picks of the best baby sleep monitors to help you enjoy bringing up a healthy kid:

1. Lollipop Baby Monitor (Turquoise)

Lollipop Baby Monitor (Turquoise)

First up, we have the Lollipop Baby Monitor. This compact, portable, and user-friendly baby monitor does it all from monitoring how the baby is breathing to tracking sleep and showing the sleeping position of the baby.

With all-in-one detection technology, it can detect all baby’s activities and send instant notifications when the baby cries or climbs out of the cot. Furthermore, the monitor is designed to work in all light settings. When darkness falls, the advanced night vision provides clear views of the baby without glare.

As one of the best baby sleep monitors, this model record data from a baby’s sleep pattern and stores it for your reference. You can use the recordings to learn about your kid’s sleep patterns. Additionally, the Lollipop baby monitor comes with a built-in speaker and lullabies to soothe the baby and prepare them to sleep. Also included is a two-way tack back which you use to communicate with the baby from your room.


  • Advanced night vision
  • Built-in speaker
  • Sleep tracking
  • Multi-streaming mode
  • Two-way talk-back
  • Breathing monitor
  • AI detection
  • Bendable leg


  • Decent battery life
  • Clear picture quality
  • Superb night vision


  • Connectivity issues

2. HelloBaby Monitor -HB6550 Pro

HelloBaby Monitor -HB6550 Pro

HelloBaby Monitor HB6550pro is a high-quality baby monitor that provides the perfect balance of performance and value for money. It is designed with an array of advanced and user-friendly features to help you monitor your baby’s safety and comfort with ease.

This baby monitor employs 2.4GHz FHSS wireless connectivity. This guarantees safety for both you and the baby in all situations. Besides, the long 1,000ft connectivity range makes the monitor ideal for use in open spaces and large homes with several rooms.

Invisible IR night vision is another stand-out feature of the monitor. It provides crystal-clear videos of your little one at night when they are sleeping. On top of that, a remote pan/ tilt/ zoom camera is included to give you a closer look at the baby as they sleep.

What’s more, this baby monitor has two-way talk and 8 lullabies which are helpful when you need to put the baby to sleep. Other essential features included are a feeding alarm with different intervals and a temperature sensor for monitoring temperature in the nursery.


  • 8 preset lullabies
  • Remote pan/ tilt/ zoom camera
  • Feeding alarm
  • Invisible IR night vision
  • Two-way talk
  • 5-inch LCD
  • VOX mode
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras


  • Simple installation
  • Good battery life
  • Clear picture even at night
  • Great value for money


  • The camera is zoomed too much

3. Owlet Dream Duo Smart Baby Monitor

Owlet Dream Duo Smart Baby Monitor

From tracking the temperature in your baby’s room to monitoring important sleep quality indicators such as heart rate, average oxygen levels, and waking, the Owlet Dream Duo Smart Baby Monitor is a handy addition to every home with a baby aged 0-18 months.

To track the baby’s sleep, the monitor connects to a Dream Sock via the Dream app. With the app, you will be able to see sleep status and sleep quality summary. The Dream Sock wraps around the baby’s foot securely and it does not in any way interfere with their comfort.

The setup process of this baby monitor is simple for extra convenience. Once complete, you can easily keep an eye on your little one using a smartphone or tablet. Besides, this baby monitor features a 4x zoom and a wide-angle lens to zoom in on the baby and get an up-close look.


  • Wide angle lens
  • 4x zoom
  • 1080p HD video
  • Room temperature and humidity sensor
  • 2-way audio
  • Dream sock
  • Sleep quality indicators


  • Clear and quality pictures
  • Highly efficient heart rate monitor
  • Portable


  • Takes time to set up
  • Connectivity issues

4. Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor is another premium quality baby monitor that is ideal for home use and during travel. It is created with a pediatric care to alert you immediately when the baby moves or something covers their mouth or nose while sleeping.

With this kind of notification, this baby monitor is not just essential for ensuring the baby’s comfort, but also safety. Other than that, the monitor has sleep analytics to check the baby’s sleep health which is vital for optimal growth.

What’s more, this baby monitor is ideal for kids aged 0 to 5 years. It includes a CuboAi Plus camera and stands options that give you the flexibility to mount it on a floor base, crib attachment, or mobile stand.

Lastly, the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor is CTIA Cybersecurity certified so you can rest assured that your account and data are well protected. You don’t have to worry about hackers when you use the Cubo Ai Plus baby monitor.


  • Smart home compatible
  • CTIA Cybersecurity certified
  • Sleep analytics
  • 3-set stand
  • Wall mount set
  • CuboAi Plus camera


  • Clear two-way audio
  • Sharp image quality
  • Sleep analytic function works well


  • Some features require a regular subscription

5. Levana Oma Sense Baby Abdominal Movement Monitor

Levana Oma Sense Baby Abdominal Movement Monitor

Next on our list of the best baby sleep monitors is Levana Oma Sense Baby Abdominal Movement Monitor. If you are looking for a safe and user-friendly baby monitor for your newborn, look no further than this model.

It is a wearable baby monitor that you put on the baby’s abdomen area. It is designed to detect abdominal movements every 80 milliseconds without coming into contact with the baby’s skin. This way, you can monitor both the breathing and sleep health of your little bundle of joy.

What’s more this baby monitor is completely cordless. This guarantees safety all the time. Furthermore, it does not operate on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth so it is safe from hackers. This type of connection also promises uninterrupted performance all through.


  • Completely cord-less
  • Zero contact with baby skin
  • No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals
  • Vibration and sound alerts
  • Zero contact with baby skin
  • Powerful sound alarm


  • Easy to use
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Reliable


  • Low volume

6. Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

When it comes to getting real value for money, it is hard to go wrong with the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor. Getting this device as your parenting assistance will guarantee your baby great sleeping comfort and, peace of mind.

This baby monitor will help you feel less anxious when sleep time arrives. It monitors the baby’s sleep health and recommends areas to improve on. Besides, it provides clear 1080P HD video quality of the baby even in pitch darkness.

Moreover, this device is made with ease of use in mind. It is very simple to set up using the built-in level included. Furthermore, you get the choice to mount it on the wall, flex stand, or floor stand depending on what suits your needs best.

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Best Nanit Baby Monitor 


  • Small sensor-free breathing band
  • 1080P HD video
  • Built-in level
  • Sound and motion alerts
  • Sleep tracking and analytics
  • Overhead bird’s eye view


  • Wall mount included
  • Intuitive companion app
  • Easy to install
  • High-quality video


  • Not very travel friendly
  • Pricey once to add the necessary accessories

7. Hatch Rest+ 1st Gen Baby Sound Machine

Hatch Rest+ 1st Gen Baby Sound Machine

Our last baby sleep monitor recommendation is the Hatch Rest+ 1st Gen Baby Sound Machine. It is reasonably affordable and ideal for use by babies or toddlers.

This device is Alexa-enabled. It offers hands-free help when you need to change the light or sound. Besides, it comes with an extra backup battery which provides power in case of a storm or power outage.

For extra convenience, this baby sound machine is travel-friendly. It has a lightweight, travel-friendly design which makes it convenient to carry when going on a road trip or any travel. On top of that, the communication is via Wi-Fi, and it’s free of interruptions.

If you are big on aesthetics, this baby monitor suits you. You can easily change the color of the light to match your preference. Not forgetting the sound, brightness level, and volume are customizable to match your taste.


  • Alexa-enabled
  • Nap and storm ready
  • Backup battery
  • Toddler lock
  • Customizable color, brightness, and volume
  • Wi-Fi communication
  • Night light
  • Built-in two-way audio monitor


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Good customizable brightness
  • Nice Wi-Fi connection
  • Lots of customization


  • Poor battery life

What is a Baby Sleep Monitor?

A baby sleep monitor is a special type of baby monitor that has an additional feature for tracking and analyzing baby sleep. To monitor the baby’s sleep, the monitor uses special kinds of sensors that monitor the baby’s breathing and movement, sound, and video, in addition to temperature and humidity in the baby’s room. The data collected is then transmitted to the parent unit or smartphone app for real-time monitoring.

Tips for Choosing the Best Baby Sleep Monitors

Other than the sleep analytic monitor, here are the other key things to consider when shopping for a baby sleep monitor:

1. Audio and Video Quality

Audio and video quality can break or make a baby monitor. If the baby monitor has a video function, ensure that it provides clear feed in all settings, even at night. Furthermore, the monitor needs to have clear audio.

2. Ease of Use

The extra features found in the best baby sleep monitors often make them more complex to use compared to standard baby monitors. You will have to connect the monitor to different apps for full functionality. So, take that into account and look for a device that is simple to operate.

3. Battery Life

Most baby sleep monitors are powered by batteries. The longer the battery life, the better. It will keep the baby monitor operational for a lengthy period without the battery being depleted. Baby sleep monitors with long battery life are also ideal for travel.

4. Security and Privacy

The next key thing to take into consideration is security and privacy. Whether you anticipate using the baby sleep monitor at home or during travel, ensure that it has all the security features needed to guarantee privacy.

5. Expandability

Expandability is another feature that separates the best baby sleep monitors from cheap ones. It is particularly essential for parents with twins or more than one baby and they have a noticeable age gap. With expandability, you can monitor multiple rooms simultaneously and keep an eye on all the babies.

FAQs: Best Baby Sleep Monitors 

1. Are baby sleep monitors necessary?

Yes. If your baby is having a hard time sleeping for the hours recommended by a pediatrician, you can use a baby sleep monitor to rectify that. It will show you the sleeping patterns of the baby and with that, you will be in a better position to know how to improve their overall sleep health.

2. Are baby sleep monitors safe?

Yes. If used in the right way, baby sleep monitors are safe. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on installation and use to prevent any risks.

Final Thoughts

If you are a parent who is worried about the sleep health of your little one, it is wise to get a baby sleep monitor rather than a regular baby monitor. It will not only show you the activities of the baby but also give you a close watch on both baby’s sleep environment and patterns.

Choosing the best baby sleep monitors requires one to do their research well, but no matter what your budget or needs are, there is a device out there for you.